Wealthsimple will then offer Grayhawk strategies to advisers

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Wealthsimple Inc., the robo adviser favoured by millennials, is expanding in the opposite end of the Canadian wealth spectrum services for high net worth families.The investment firm Wealthsimple to Advisors unit will provide technology, dealer and advisory services to Grayhawk Investment Strategies Inc., a Calgary based firm that manages about $800 million (US$600 million) for 30 of Canada richest families. Wealthsimple will then offer Grayhawk strategies to advisers with wealthy clients on its platform.still are often thought of as a young millennial shop, and even in our adviser business a lot of people think of us as a and Pop adviser, Wealthsimple Chief Executive Officer Mike Katchen said in an interview at Bloomberg Toronto office. This is a very ultra high net worth professional shop that been growing very fast it only four years old that understand the value of a platform like ours. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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